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Tired, but not of ray tracing

As I'm getting closer to finishing the game, I'm starting to loose interest. What remains now is a few small bug fixes, some minor features, game play, a lot of content and then some polish. Just like with Kill Cutie, this is the part of game development I like the least, strangely enough. Prototyping I love, creating tech for it I find nice, but creating a full-fledged game with high-quality menus, levels, vehicles, textures, sound fx and music is not my cup of tea. Not that I'm going to be stopped by it, it's just that I need a break.

So instead I read and relaxed some and also played with ray tracing a bit. I just felt like it, and also wanted to see if my maths was still up to it. And although I've lost most of it since my year in college, at least the basic 1% linear algebra I needed is still there.

You notice just how much anti-aliasing does to an image...

Sometimes it's fun to just play, without any purpose. But of course it would also be nice to put it to work, even though it's only 300 lines of code. I have no clue what I'd use it for though, so it probably will stay in my digital drawer for the rest of my life.

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