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I know I pull a big load of the work at my day job, in terms of code. Both in quality and quantity. The former is hard to measure, but I thought I have a go at the latter, so I made a small script which can process the git patch log.

It turns out I do half of the coding (and it's not that I'm a very good or productive coder, I'm a bit above average but nowhere near genius):

So. I don't know how to use this information. As a consultant I want to stay in the project, so it would be good if the project management found out. But should this information leak to my colleagues I'm pretty sure some of them would be pissed off, as they feel their contribution is of much greater importance. Our work egos are important - that's what we do all day - but I think it's also important to be not get crossed by facts. So I'll keep it to myself until they start planning on firing me.

If you're about to get sacked, run the script and present the information to the management, who knows? If you run SVN instead of git, you import to git like this:
git svn clone https://path/to/project/trunk
And good luck!

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