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Snus going downhill

I kept my new year's promise until yesterday. The promise was to "start 'snusing'", which I think I have. I've spent ten months forcefully building an unhealthy addiction, and I've been using on and off for 22 years up to this point. My first time trying was actually at the age of five, which is kinda hilarious:

Me and my best friend at kinder garden, Niklas, nagged at the caretaker to give us some, to which he complied when none of the nannies were watching. Niklas puked shortly after and the caretaker must’ve received a righteous scolding as the nannies found out.

I’m very stubborn and I also believe that I don’t get addicted very easily, and as I still have no headache, bad temper or anguish this just might pass as a breeze. But that's not the same as saying it wound't have been super nice with a snus after supper. My new vow is to not touch the stuff for at least 14 months, until next New Year’s. I figure I'm going to manage that easily.

The pig-headedness will come in handy when I start making my first good game. My gut tells me I’m going to start within a week or two, but it might just be my brain talking.

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