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Conventional vs. Innovation

In my day job at Volvo IT they holding some type of "innovation jam" where people can suggest improvements for the organization and/or customers. Some suggested going for something like the Google 20 percent program (sure, sure, I know it's not named after the earlier adopters), but they received criticism from employees who stated that it would be difficult to do in a conventional company, as opposed to doing it in an innovation-driven company.

Imbecile ants! Some clearly don't realize that all companies in the cell phone industry used to be conventional, until another mindset came down as a ton of bricks on them when Apple entered the stage. Future will show that the cell phone industry is not unique in any way, it is just moving at a higher pace than most since it's based solely around electronics and software. If Apple could do it in a year, it can be done in even the most lethargic industries in a decade.

Worker autonomy is the strongest motivational force, it's been proven time and again. "Conventional" leaves no room for autonomy. I'm all for the 20 percent, or hey, let's make it 40 in the name of science:

Please, modern leader, step up and start dancing on the imbecile little piss-ants before the innovative underdog takes off in an industry near you.

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