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Rome wasn't built

This is the kind of look, functionality and user feedback that would have made me immensely proud if we would have had and received it 10 years ago when I worked on the game.

So it takes ten years from there to here... At least it's in a man's lifetime.

I'll take a shot at a small, traditional MMOG myself in time - perhaps in three years - but I'll keep it extremely simple at first. Simple does not rule out fun.

Time to round the evening off with a little bit of Dragon Age. It's good, but BioWare's strict and stiff environments don't lend well to fantasy. The use "invisible walls" in a lot of places in their environments, to ensure the player goes where she should, and that she won't get stuck where she shouldn't. These constraints worked a whole lot better in MassEffect's sci-fi setting. I guess you can accept that in an alien environment, but not so much in a normal forest with abnormal werewolves. And they are of course miles away from the wide-open RPG's of Piranha Bytes: Gothic I, II and III. Oh well, I'll have to try Risen 2 when I have the time, and it will surely take me forever to traverse the world. Then again time is all we have. And ten years seemed to help for some...

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