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Seven months ago I finished my first project for Volvo Group, an iPhone+iPad app intended to search for used trucks with.

The manager of the used trucks department, “the customer”, criticized the first version in strong words, and more or less said they wanted the app to look exactly like a competitor’s, and the project was very important and they had to get it “out there” quickly. The competitor had an app based on text-forms, which was very dull and buggy. Boooring we thought, but customer’s always right so ahead we went.

I made the first version and tried to hot it up a little, and then a graphics guy skinned it by supplying me with a texture for the top and background and giving me some RGB-values. This is how it came out:

I finished my part in early November 2011, and now in June 2012 they have still not released it. The reason is that the manager has been stalling. Probably what Seth Godin would call “urgent, not important” and toxic to any company, since it gives the competition a head start. (Not to mention it's a total rip-off of a lousy competitor’s lousy app.)

I haven’t worked anything on my ping pong game, but it’s going to suck so hard, it wouldn't be worth mentioning anyways. Btw I found an indie game dev competitor: the guy who made The Little Crane That Could – I’m super jealous of him! I especially liked his controls with the levers. He didn’t want to disclose how much money he made from it though. Oh well, I’ll have to pick some other of my dozen or so gaming ideas instead.

But right after the ping pong game, I’ll do a monster truck game, perhaps with a slight resemblance to the old Kick Start on the C64. Not because I like those kinds of games, but because it’s easy to make. The next one after that will be the first game where I aim to make a real good one.

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