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Tweaking Shangri-la

Since beta, I've been tweaking for the last few days. I'm sooo sick of this game that I have a very hard time seeing anybody buying it. These are some of the tweaks I did so far:
  • using landscape layout instead of portrait for single-player launcher in touch device, had to update 2D GUI code and logic accordingly;
  • added transparency changer so 3D objects that are in the way become transparent when a certain object go behind it, used on the bridge in the first level;
  • made all views with rounded corners render the same smooth way;
  • added support for holding/rendering touch device upside down;
  • improved touch steering, among other things improved logic regarding "reset" of steering (for instance a quick tap on the steering wheel tuns it to neutral) and more fault tolerance when moving a single digit fast across the screen (was sometimes perceived as several digits);
  • added native message boxes for all platforms, but eventually decided to ditch it for most cases (apart from Apple's in-app purchase) and go with an in-game ditto;
  • made highscore upload and download asynchronous;
  • finalized current score rendering;
  • tweaked game play rounds, damage, vehicle health;
  • fixed a lot of bugs.
Best part will be the high score I think. Dual play on iPad might work as well, but it won't be used at all. The first game to introduce a rudimentary high score that was called "high score" was Sea Wolf. Interesting that the highest score ever set was set just some months ago, 35 years after the game was first released. That gives me some hope that my high score feature will be frequently used, if the game is ever played. Adding your high score is as simple as finishing a game and entering you handle. All high scores will be recorded, but only the top ten will be showed.

I have a few more days of tweaking, then a few of days of level building, then probably some more days of tweaking on iPad and to make it work properly/optimize/bugfix, then I'll draw the necessary 2D graphics in three days and finally test it for a couple of days. iOS release should be within three weeks+9 days.

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