Ventures of an ex indie game developer


Noted three things:

It takes a certain kinda guy to test his own boring, casual game for six months without adding anything noteworthy.

Two and a half men is to little people what Excel is to small firms.

Ah, maybe it was two then.

What happened lately? I downsized the "world" by a factor 2, which made the ballistic missiles fall twice as fast and the pendulums ::sqrt(L) times as fast. Thinking of releasing the game for Mac App Store. Optimized the game. A lot of tinkering and tweaks. Worked some on the UI in general and iOS controls in particular. Thinking of dropping the highscore idea after all, it varies on a day-to-day basis.

In the last month it's been coming together to look like a game, but still has some bits left (apart from content). Not too much though. I realized that releasing the exact same game for both Computer and iOS is a lot of work, especially in the UI. Here are some of the things that remain:
  • Slow-mo when hitting Cutie
  • Improve iOS UI
  • Improve 3D models (in Maya) of vehicles
  • Produce 3D models of levels (also Maya)
  • Bugfix
  • Make "tutorial" (I'm thinking a small introduction with voice-over)
  • Two player mode: flip sides after each round
  • Create icons for game and a few in-game
  • iOS version: in-app purchase of levels and vehicles
  • Different iPhone/iTouch and iPad versions (iPad includes 2 players, iPhone/iTouch does not)
  • Computer version: create iOS App Store link when released
  • Tweaks
Not much left, releasing soon. The last bullet will take up most of my time, I suspect.

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