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RESTful Grenades

Worked some more on Kill Cutie, mainly fixed a few bugs, tweaked some stuff for iPhone/iPad and added steering for the grenade launcher. It's probably not going to be that bad after all, but it's really difficult to hit the target using a ballistic grenade without propulsion. Plus I'm going to need a lot of graphics coding if I'm going to get away with murder... :-/

I read up some on REST architech by Roy Fielding today, since I'm going to use it at work and the concept seems brilliant to me! I've always hated the web, but by "the web" I've always thought more about HTML and browsers than the infrastructure. RESTful systems is the shit, if you ask me!

So I started studying some C# / .NET / WCF / System.ServiceModel.Web.dll for a couple of hours, but while they all seem pretty thought through they had that typical "framework feel". Big and annoying, where you have to install a huge IDE and an enormous web server, plus configuring the latter, and then some.

But then I looked at what options Python provides in the RESTful field, and that was worthwhile. I found, which requires download and 15 lines of code and zero configuration to run a RESTful web service. No web server required, a simple one is embedded. is about ~1k lines of code. I still almost get goosebumps on a monthly basis for this scripting language I've been using for the past six years. That's gotta be a good thing, right?

From now on, when I for instance need a highscore list (or master server or just about anything online, really), I'll definitely use REST/JSON to accomplish that. Thanks Python! Thanks! Mm mm.

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