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No progress, thanks Apple!

I just got my engine ported so it runs (still have some GL transform errors I haven't looked at yet though). Took me one night due to Apple's total imbecil "CgBI" addition to the PNG format, which they even have a patent pending for. libpng wouldn't read the file, since the chunk was listed as "required to parse". Also, Apple switches RGB(A) order into BGRA and dares to call that "compression". :(

The solution was not that hard though, once I understood what was up. Xcode 3.2.5, Project menu, Edit active target, Build tab, uncheck "Compress PNG Files".

If Apple makes some bad decisions after Jobs I'm hoppin' on the mob bandwagon along with Google to shout and spit and watch the demise from the "I never liked them anyway" perspective. I usually like, just not tonight.

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