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Fork and knives in the road

My time has lately been consumed by car theft and preparing the house for selling (yey!). That is to say, I haven't been stealing cars, but we've gotten our old Volvo stolen. (To my dismay, just after I discovered it being stolen, I walked into the closed+locked police station, setting off the alarm in the process - only to find out it was no longer a police station, but that's a different post.)

Game-wise this gives me some time to ponder what direction to take. Thing is I've come to the point where I need to pick what game I want to make. "Vehicle simulation for father and son" - and then what? Over time I've had some ideas:
  1. Excavating land, building walls, levels, elevators, machines, which very quickly gets overly complicated in all aspects (not to mention the steering for the kids, but that's possibly acceptable since only driving around is always an option).
  2. Quest-based "move crate to destination", "pile up stuff here", which could be acceptable but not fabulous.
  3. Mission-based "go there, flip switch, fetch thing, perform stunt, etc., on level 1 to move on to level 2", dull.
  4. Puzzle: "solve how to get out of level x to get to level x+1", hopeless.
Perhaps a mix between 2, 3 and 4. Doing that allows me to finish reasonably quick, but also allow me to not earn a single penny. It's a stab worth taking at this unknown market, not the least to finally be able to ship, so I'm going to do something smaller than #1 anyway. Time will tell, hopefully at least this decision doesn't lead to locked doors with alarms that gets me arrested.

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