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Back in the saddle

Back from skiing; did me some good I should hope. Though I got a bad scare when I crashed into a tree after an EPIC FAIL jump, but didn't even fracture anything. At the time though I thought I was done for since I was going fast, but hadn't realized how much I had slowed down while skidding the last 20 meters before being airborne 5 meters from the final bump into a small birch. Got lucky with just a bit of muscle ace.

So instead of spending the last few evenings in the morgue, I have been hacking away. I've gotten two things done: I've add synchronizations to "object attributes" and I added a much-needed auto-flip feature.

The "object attributes" are currently used on the arbitrary avatars (in this game simply vehicles) to synchronize states such as if the player is a child (which will yield some cuter appearances and somewhat less difficult controls) or if the player is engaged in some type of activity (for instance if in a race time will be shown). I'm also going to use it to allow customizations of various looks.

The auto-flip is there for when you over and over accidentally flip over during crashes, or when you try out jumps, or when you land the helicopter too hard, or when to take to sharp turns with a truck, or... Oh, you got the picture.

This is however the last night in yet another couple of months that I'll have time/energy to code. I'm going to be busy fixing up the house, since we finally are going to sell the friggin' thing - YEY, party!, good riddance you fuck*n cunt house! We've survived thus far, but in the past it used to be the closer we get to freedom, the more horrific the vengeance...

If I'm not heard from in three months time, please take the time to send the prick L.W. who rebuilt Stjärnås 1:28 his little fingers and ears. Thanks!

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