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NAT and sinuses

I’ve had a sinus infection for a year, and the cause proved to be a cyst that grew in my upper jaw, just above a tooth. It is truly interesting how differently one reacts when thinking “dental surgery” and when the surgeon tells you “we’ll be making a ‘window’ about here [pointing to your cheek bone]”. So I just got me a window in my cranium. That was nice. In fact it was wonderful! Made me feel special; ‘how many get this kind of treatment’, right? Since they weren’t able to plug the hole between my mouth and the sinus with the small price of bone they removed in order to access the cyst, I’m gonna get soup in my eye every time I eat for the next few weeks until the skin heals (is the organ covering your gums called "skin"?).

Regarding NAT traversal, I finished it a week ago. In the form I’ll ship, that is. Now there are no biggies left engine-wise that needs my attention. Sure there’ll be a bit of camera collision, physical joint network synchronization, porting and bug fixing; but apart from that I’m done engine-wise!

I can feel the anesthesia going away, soon time for painkillers, yey!

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