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Demands will stop being taboo

Jimmy and his crew have been voted into Parliament. Tjaa-lalala-laah! (OMG. Heil!) Without contemplating on it prior to election, I figured “what the heck – at least the other parties might start discussing immigration problems”. And I still think that. Even though the dimwits in SD can’t contribute themselves, I’m thinking that merely the fact that 6 % of the Swedes wants to see stricter regulations will help propel some ideas to solve integration issues.

It didn’t take long for me, and most who hadn’t thought about it before, to realize the downsides. No one sane can vote for Höör municipality candidate Ibb Malmgren who clams it’s our duty to defend our white culture, “Although first we have to take care of all the obstacles in the way, such as Jews, immigrants, Mona Sahlin, etc”. Or municipality candidates such as Christian Hendlertz, Anneli Thörnquist and Isak Nygren who two years ago where active in Nazi movements. At least Mats Thuresson stays semi-true: “one should lye so it sounds likely” (on his slogan “one million Muslims live off of welfare”). And of course having neo-Nazis close to power in our country, who also rather look for differences than similarities in people, will lead to a harder climate. Not for me, but for people who leave their homes and cultures, fleeing for their lives. Last and least the risk of declining economic stability when having a minority government; this in turn will cause further problems for those at the bottom of our society.

So everybody (sane) knows all about the drawbacks. But what are the advantages? Well, I hope that future integration comes closer to assimilation. We don’t want a new multicultural Baghdad here. If we wanted extremists detonating bombs in our country we could have devised expedient schools. Bad jokes aside, I think most Swedes enjoy living in a country full of queues, order, silence, hygiene, clouds, regulation and stiffness. Justifies going to Thailand twice a year. One of the most-referred examples of “good” immigration is the wave of Hungarians who came here in 68-69. It was good since they all became assimilated. Started working like Swedes. No welfare there. I even have one next door. Apart from the accent and the mythomania, he is just like everyone else. If you disagree on the assimilation part you should pick up all the gypsies you can find in your town center (try Nordstan if you’re nearby), loan them a tent in your backyard and come back in a week.

Hopefully there will also be some qualifying requirements on both immigrants and refugees before being granted citizenship. Some minimum levels of demands are good. What would a home be without basic rules? What would work be? School? Look at what’s happened to our school system the last 20 years. At least now, leftists will have a hard time calling serious politicians racists when there are seriously racist politics under the same roof.

I think people in Malmö mostly voted for SD out of immigration reasons, while others game SD their votes due to general dissatisfaction. I blame the socialists for giving room for SD for both of the stated reasons. The reason I do that is that it people from that movement increasingly have made demands in general taboo and demands on immigrants nothing less than acts fascism. At least that will change now.

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