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Another evaporated very tiny animal

It died today. The animal in my PC. The animal had been making chirping sounds since I bought it - not unlike the sound of an undulate in heat. But during the last six months it started making more violent sounds; seemed to me like it was imitating a squealing pig. Though I haven’t wasted any time looking for the beast, I always found it strange that it hid so well. If I used the CPU a lot it squealed, but than again the same applied to stuff that mainly utilized the GPU. I thought ‘perhaps it’s two different pigs! Two very tiny pigs that’s snuck into both the CPU and the GPU’. But that theory seemed more unlikely since it also required a very tiny disc jockey in the hard drive to be consistent (searching for files on the hdd sounded more like a dj’s vinyl scratching than something from the barn).

So I finally figured it had to be one of them very tiny parrots. It sure was talkative alive, but it didn’t make any sound dying. I guess it must have died instantly and it didn’t really smell anything either, but that probably has to do with that animals that are very small evaporate when electrocuted (the most plausible cause of death being number 27 on this list).

When I opened the tower and looked inside I immediately realized why it had been squealing like a piglet: it had been locked up on purpose in a small, jail-like piece of hardware with bars and everything. It’s standard these days – every such hardware comes with a built-in parrot (google for parrot+hardware if you don’t belive me – 1.5 million hits). Those bastards that manufacture the hardware didn’t even bother to name it Pepper, Snowflake or even Jacko Jackonelli – they simple named it “420W”. Is it just me who get that German 40’s feel? Gives me the creeps! I got a new very tiny parrot, this one called “650W” and it’s a lot more blasé and a lot quieter. But I think I prefer the talkative kind. It’s more me somehow.

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