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Just tried Dall-E mini. Asked it to draw a pirate ship close to an island with palm trees in the Caribbean sunset, and it did. In a minute.

Quality is low, but the obvious "understanding" of what I'm asking for is huge. I have to admit that this is starting to look like intelligence. This should scare you, if you're scared of that singularity. I'm not yet, but perhaps I should be. Everything that moves exponentially is inherently scary.

Love vs. Death!

Humans are, as most other species on this planet, genetically evolved for competition, war and divide & conquer. Are there any alternatives? And what do the aliens think? Obviously I can't answer any interesting questions with any degree of certainty, but since I'm human I'll conjure up all the stupidity I can muster and try!

Bees don't compete in the beehive, there's only one queen and everybody else know their place. There's no competition in-group, only within groups. But competition is the basis of their evolution. If there was no competition, life on Earth would still be made up of the same germs that started this whole business 4 billion years ago.

Humans are not born into the group stability that bees enjoy. Some human males are prone to violence some of the time, which establishes dominance hierarchies in adolescents and primitive societies. Some women are attracted to violent men, just look at death row fan mail.

Women can lower a man's status, even by a passing comment, which is why low-status males fear women. See incels. Status hierarchies stabilize groups, so both sexes strive to keep fights to an acceptable level. This runs very deep. Just look at female primates' conscious and unconscious behavior that stabilize in-group stability. A female chimp will have loud sex with the alpha, but when she's unfaithful (which she always is, not the least for unconscious, gene variation reasons), it's a quiet affair. Why? Group stability.

Women mostly will use attacks on status instead of violence. Trump did publicly what most women do in secret, which is another reason I believe he is so hated.

Humans left to their own devices with a destructive philosophy will lead to a horrific society. See vikings. Interestingly, religion has made the most difference historically. Islam dictates people to give to the poor, Buddhism teaches to be kind to all beings, but Christianity takes the prize. "Love thy neighbor as thyself." Love trumps both charity and kindness. Which is one of the most important reasons why Christian nations have been so dominant in the last few hundred years. Now that atheism and secularism steps in, love gets pushed out of the Christian in-group behavior. This is probably a reason why the overall competitiveness of Western Society is declining, even though Nation states still constitute the best group subdivision — especially those with homogeneous people.

We individuals increase our own status by imitations in different ways. Happily married women use make-up most of the time at work. Not for their spouse, but for status within their own gender. Putin started a war to increase the power, wealth and status of his own nation and himself. We compete all the time, and all our institutions are there to prevent us doing it too fiercely and to harness it to our advantage. The IRS is there to make sure we share our wealth. Schools grades our intellectual competition. The police, military and justice system prevents harmful competition. Social services and foreign aid help those that fall behind.

The Galactic Federation is watching. I'm not the one saying that, professor and former head of the Defense Ministry's Space Division Haim Eshed does.

What might they think of us primates fighting to the death over status? Is deactivating and activating nukes their way of saying "hey stupid monkey, is this really the best tool for the job"? If they are less inclined to individual and group status, and more like a beehive, that might what they're up to. Perhaps most of them prefer love, cooperation and encouragement rather than fighting.

Look at how far we got technologically in the last 300 years. Our competition got us here. If we keep this pace up, we'll probably be a threat to other civilizations within a few hundred years. Will they let us in to the Galactic Federation then, as in "keep your friends close and your enemies closer"? Or will they put a stop to our species to ensure we don't wreak havoc in the rest of the Universe?

Many reports of near-death experiences claim to have felt the presence of unconditional love. Some say the disconnect from that love in this dimension is what makes is constantly strive. Perhaps too much support and too little competition would make us weak humans stale. Or perhaps that's a future step of our evolution: when competition has taken us to the bleeding edge of our capacity for technological breakthroughs, maybe we need loving support to take the next stumbling steps as we enter the Galaxy Age?

Only ancient aliens and History Channel knows.

Fat spirituality resurgence

This is Galveston West Beach in Texas in the 70'ies:

This is Galveston West Beach in Texas today:

From 0% overweight to 100% overweight in five decades. We can, but probably shouldn't, fault the individuals. The problem is systemic. Companies are allowed to sell junk food for huge profits, and their leadership doesn't have any corporate ideology apart from lets get rich fast. Capitalism at its worst can be disgusting (but still a gazillion times better than any alternative we've found so far).

The only solution is Governator-style politicians who are prepared to take a stand against profits at any cost. Unfortunately, the time is not ripe still. Possibly spirituality needs a resurgence, since atheism is doing such a poor job of love thy neighbor.

finplot is not the shit

Unfortunately finplot is not the shit. Over the last year, both finplot's and mplfinance's github stars have been increasing constantly. finplot with 20/month, mplfinance with 80/month.

Over the last month, mplfinance was downloaded 15x more than finplot! Perhaps users want Jupyter, web and a large community, but I had thought that a great API and high performance would win exponentially more traders. I was wrong.

Nonetheless, this is my most successful project to date. Not financially, but in terms of use. There are things I could explore to possibly earn money, such as add-ons or services, but I'm content with what I have. Version 1.8.2 is just out, with the same super-slick API and as high performance as previous versions. In the latest change I was finally able to move the price axis to the right-hand side.

Take it for a spin, it's more than 15x better than mplfinance! :) Enjoy!

Bot progress

After many months of waning funds, my bot has had some slight progress. It shorted with 5x @ 40k and exited the short here:

Close to perfect, right? If all goes well it should enter a new position in a few days when the dust has settled. I won't increase the leverage for quite some time though.

This means I'm only 1 magnitude in the red since my investment started (and only 2.4 since my peak in 2020). A magnitude or two should be easy, right?

Sweden on fire

The brainwashing of my people and country is still ongoing. The worst part for me is that even my beloved father thinks that the man to fault for these riots are the right-wing extremist who's organizing public burnings of the koran. I don't see how that explains why some people threw a molotov coctail into a bus full of people, and then tried to prevent them getting off.

My dad's voting for the liberal party. It looks like they're not going to be able to make parliament this autumn. Fingers crossed.

What to do about the brainwashing I don't know. Possibly move to some other country. Seems more and more inevitable. Shit! Had hoped it wouldn't have to come to this. I'm divorced with a 16-year-old son and 12-year-old daughter living here, which makes moving abroad so much more of a problem.

I'm still hoping that a few new parties could enter parliament soon. That might make all the difference, and (similarly to Denmark), we could start making progress towards throwing stupid and menacing MENA immigrants out — even second generation.

BTC trading finally... doing something!

After a long period of exceptionally bad bot behavior, it's probably coming to an end. By "long period" I mean three months. And by "exceptionally bad" I mean -93% (due to misplaced bets with high leverage). And by "to an end" I mean that the signs are in the cards that cryptocurrency trading is going to turn around in a few weeks or months. What about the "probably" then?

The reason I think so is that trading is cyclical, and after profit peaks (both from bull and bear markets) there is some time of consolidation (trading range) where money is lost, or at least doesn't grow. But in a few of my parameter sets, backtesting is now making a small profit over the last few days. Which pretty much none of them have done for more than five-six months.

First and foremost, I suspect I'll stop bleeding money in a few weeks. And in three months I hope to be well under way to regaining some of the money lost. Let you know how that goes.

Btw I also took a final, last, absolutely last, shot at AI trading. I was able to get a fairly good prediction, and I was able to get a very stable gain. But the profits were still not on the level I wanted. Great for long-term savings, but not for short-term get-rich-quick schemes. So perhaps I'll make good use of it (without spending too much time on it) when I get rich. Which I will, Inshallah! ;)

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