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If you want to move

I've been thinking for some time: to which country would I go if I were to move? Perhaps the economic complexity index, ECI, is a clue? These are 20 year old numbers (when Sweden was still a great place in terms of economy, politics, education, healthcare, etc).

High ECI and cognitive abilities signify a well-functioning society with a lot of opportunities. But I'm not sure what I'd want out of a move. Perhaps moving to a place with low costs and happy people would be nice? But I imagine it would be hard to be content with my brain idling. Hmm. Small in Japan?

𝄞 I gotta break free 𝆕

Anybody else get the sense they killed the opposition? I'm waiting for a slight drop so I can take my bot to the next level. Bah, should have made 270% instead of a measly 60 in the last two days. :-}  Anyhoo, the drop might be an ever so slight correction. – Gotta risk it for da bizkit, as Big Money likes to put it.

Dinner at 6 with neo-Nazis

Yesterday I met with some guys, two classmates from colleague and a couple others. Three medical doctors, one PhD, one sales guy and me. They were all openly racist, holocaust deniers, said we'd be better off if Hitler had won the war, said China will be a better world leader than the US, said China's mass-murder of Uyghurs isn't a problem because they are Muslim, said adopted Negros don't belong in Sweden. And meant it. Either I stand up and walk out, or I stay and try to talk some sense into them. I chose the latter. Without any success.

I'm really shocked at the level of ignorance from those academics. Shocked to the core – I actually feel mentally unwell right now. I've been afraid this extreme right-wing turn would gradually start building up in Sweden due to the mass migration (twice what the US had in its hay-day), but I'd expected it to start in the working class and not with well-educated people. Also interesting, but equally horrifying, is that red-pilling now is so powerful that almost any man can swallow the bait whole without any discernment between truth and fiction.

My best cure for this illness is twofold:

  1. Everybody in media must be open and frank about our current migrant problems. And probably should speak bluntly about the causal arrow from race to economic inequality too.
  2. The worst 1-2 % of criminals and parasites must be sent packing. Asap.
Since the establishment is utterly slow and incompetent in Sweden, I'm scared of what's coming.

Erratic loss

The Bitcoin market is erratic at best, due to a huge influx of retail, plus whale fights. Price is about to drop, but it's hard to say if it's going to be a huge dip, as is normal after a huge spike, or if new whales are going to dampen the fall.

I lost 83% in the process due to a pinch of manual intervention. That was good compared to leaving the bot to itself, in which case it would have lost 93%... Sigh!

Anyway, in a normal BTC market this takes about nine months to regain. But if the market fluctuations will keep on behaving like 2017-18 it could be much faster, seriously like a couple of months. Unfortunately the drop of 2021-01-15T16:00Z looks like it broke the trend. I remain hopeful that the market will keep its composure though.


 If I'm right on this, and I'm 65% sure I am, big news will be announced on this blog soon. The only reason I haven't found this trading strategy earlier, is that it's only useful when whales are out playing. And by God they are now.

Finally turning?

 Accumulation/Distribution is up, On Balance Volume still and price is down. The mandatory January reversal has finally arrived?

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